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Big Boy

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Check out the Facebook page at, Poor Guy's Cat Rescue.

We are a small organization, and by small I mean just me. I started this rescue back in 2014 to save a group of barn cats that were being abused and killed. The kitties there had lived in peace, enjoying their lives until a sick individual moved in beside them and began killing them.


None of the "big" organizations would help, each referring me to another or telling me to contact a local shelter or local rescue.There are no local rescues in Evergreen, AL., and the only "shelters" are local pounds that are filled and high kill facilities.

I decided to take it upon myself. I rescued the kitties,moving them to our land and building them a shelter. I started a non-profit and here we are two and a half years later with 90 rescues. Forty came from the barn, the rest from kill shelters, orphans we come across, strays that wander up, and various other ways.





Our boss


I'm Little Anna. I lived at the old barn for over 12 years, I'm almost 16 now. I raised many litters and fostered babies that were not my own. Then a bad man moved in near the barn and all of us had to be rescued.

I am a very wise old girl. I take care of sad kitties, and break up the occasional fight.



Little One is my name, not very original if you ask me, but it's what Charlie stuck me with! I was a stray that wandered into the garden one day early in March of 2015, all thin and hungry.

I'm now plump and happy.

Two months ago a kitty that appears to be the same age as me wandered into the garden. I think she might be my sister. She had many ticks on her and was very thin. She's now big and healthy like me. She had a bad tummy problem for a bit and got a silly name because of it. Charlie kept calling her Sour Butt, and now that's her name.

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