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I'll be adding tips to help choose good meds and dewormers, things you can do yourself to save money.

Pyrantel Pamoate - Dewormer

This is used as a deworming agent in the treatment of hookworms(all species) and roundworms (Ascaris lumbricoides, aka ascarids in humans) in domesticated animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs, and many other species.

Cats receive 0.1 ml per pound.

You can purchase this at for between $16-32$ depending on bottle size. 

Purchase at:  - $36.95 (32oz) - $18.99 (16oz)

                                       - $34.99 (32oz)  

Fenbendazole -  Dewormer

Fenbendazole is a broad spectrum benzimidazole anthelmintic used against gastrointestinal parasites including: giardia, roundwormshookwormwhipworms,the Taenia genus of tapeworm, pinworms, aelurostrongylusparagonimiasis, strongyles and strongyloides and can be administered to sheepcattlehorsesfish, dogs,cats,rabbits and seals.

Cats receive 1ml per 2.5lbs.

I generally purchase this from Revival Animal at $21-$100 depending on what size bottle and how much money I can spare. 

Yes, the bottle does show livestock. It's the same chemical and the same strength for cats, it's just the dosage that varies. One bottle of this lasts a long time. This is my wormer of choice.

Purchase at: - $21.27 (125ml) - $119.75 (1000ml) - $21.99 (125ml)

                                       - $124.99 (1000ml)

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